Lazeem Resort, Chhaimale

Lazeem Resort, Chhaimale

Project Synopsis:

Site Area: 20-0-0-0 / 109520 Sq. Ft.
Total Built Area Coverage: 20%
Status: Design Phase

Style: Modern with traditional touch with exposed Brick, Wood and Stone.

Site Section of Lazeem
Conceptual Site Section

Zoning is one of the most important aspect in Resort Planning. It specifies the privacy level of the space and signifies quality of the space. Wellness requires optimum quality of space which has been carefully planned and zoned in the master plan.

Lazeem Resort Zoning
Site Zoning for Lazeem Resort

Vehicular access has been controlled up to the major drop off area and pedestrian circulation has been encouraged. Wellness after all requires getting close to nature and earth. The earthy feeling can be felt in the pedestrian pathways with bare foot.

Site circulation of Lazeem Resort
Site Circulation_Lazeem Resort